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  •   To prepare the manpower for outreach through the quality education in order to meet the challenges of the highly competitive global market
  •   To endow them with knowledge and skill & develop self confidence among tribal youth as a leader & professional.
  •   To inculcate human values and generate environmental awareness in the society.
  •   To train them to make own SWOT analysis.


  •   To uplift the social status and increase participation of deprived and tribal boys and girls of south Gujarat by joining them in higher education system.
  •   To encourage qualities of leadership, self confidence and patriotism in them.
  •   To inculcate the sense of social obligations so as to make them responsible citizens of the country.
  •   To Provide guidance and help to the students in their overall development through academic as well as co-curricular activities.
  •   To propagate the tribal culture and get its recognition to the national and international level.
  •   To train them for social responsibilities and self dependence.
  •   To inculcate human values and generate environmental awareness in the society.
  •   To raise necessary infrastructure and provide essential facilities for the enhancement of science education among students.
  •   To develop the healthy network in educational institutes towards excellency.


  • Help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership. Provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching, learning, and the assessment of educational outcomes across the life span through research, scholarship, and technology. Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship. Provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings. Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the College. Enhance the effective and efficient management of the College.